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Union Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal did a grand release of Dr Yogesh Dube's historical novel Parinda.

New Delhi,National News Agency of India.Novel ‘Parinda’ - Girmitiya Mazduron ki AdamySaahas Gaatha' is composed by Dr. Yogesh Dube. He has received several awards including President's Award and has written several books. The book ‘Parinda’ was released by Union Human Resource Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal in New Delhi.

Dr Yogesh Dube’s novel ‘Parinda Girmitiya Mazduron ki Adamy Saahas Gaatha’ is the poignant tale of more than four and a half million indentured labourers sent from central India to Mauritius in the eighteenth century, who, through hard work and their indomitable courage, made the rocky soil of Mauritius gold.  

This novel is a detailed blueprint of these interferences in ‘India - Mauritius’. This novel of how these Indian dynasties established themselves in Mauritius before their labour and how their future generations are developing themselves and contributing to the social, cultural and economic development activities there.  India - Mauritius has a detailed and detailed description of t past or can say that there is an entire era.

Many high commissioners, litterateurs, patriarchs, including Pranab Mukherjee and Mauritius President Prithviraj Singh Roopun, have also expressed their views on the novel.  This book has been published by Pralake.

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