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Megastar Aazaad in The land of Gods -Uttarakhand

Charged and encouraged by the grand performance and unprecedented success of the first mainstream Sanskrit film of world cinema Aham Brahmasmi in Kashi, the spiritual capital of India and Capital of India New Delhi, Megastar Aazaad is on a trip to Uttarakhand with his entourage. Aazaad has decided to promote our ancient and language of gods Sanskrit so that our present and future generations can acquaint and connect with our past divine glory. Behind the revolution of Sanskrit, cultural nationalism and the establishment of nationalist governments in power across the country, there is in the background contribution of Aazaad’s nationalist movement. It cannot be ruled out the role of Aazaad behind these issues of nationalist substance. It is worth mentioning that in this atmosphere created by Aazaad for the revival and upliftment of Sanskrit in every part of the country, the Uttarakhand government while discharging its duties also has decided to teach Sanskrit as a compulsory subject in schools.

In this very important journey, Megastar Aazaad has made a successful attempt to connect each and every person associated with Sanskrit and the divine culture of India in his campaign. In this process student of military school and filmmaker-megastar Aazaad visited yoga guru Baba Ramdev's Patanjali yogpeeth ashram, Haridwar who has transformed yoga as the world culture and met important yoga sages of present times. Aazaad urge and call all the ashram sages to join this Mahayagna of Sanskrit revival and discussed about subjects of his upcoming projects and theatre acts to rejuvenate oldest language of world Sanskrit. Aazaad had intense discussions about the past, present and future of our sanatan culture and deep rooted divine achievements.

Lastly Sanatani, nationalist filmmaker visited Har Ki Paudi and took a divine bath with worshiping mother Ganges. He repeated his oath to convert Sanskrit from a forgotten language to the language of people. Aazaad is accompanied by Sanatani woman producer, Kamini Dube, Professor Braj Bhushan Ojha (Vyakaran Department, BHU), Vishwa Sahitya Parishad, Aazaad Federation, World Literature Organization, Bombay Talkies Foundation and complete Bombay Talkies Team in this Renaissance journey of Sanskrit.

It is noteworthy that Aham Brahmasmi is jointly created by The Bombay Talkies Studios, established by the pinnacle personality of Indian cinema Rajnarayan Dube in 1934 and revolutionary female producer Kamini Dube. The one and only mainstream Sanskrit movie Aham Brahmasmi is written, directed and acted by Megastar Aazaad.


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