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-Maharishi Aazaad


Maharishi Aazaad Is The Ultimate Megastar Of The World.

An Interesting Story of a Military School Student who uniting the whole world with thought-provoking intense cultural Nationalism and he became the First Nationalist Megastar of India, Sanskrit Mahanayak and The Ultimate Megastar of World.

The Megastar Of World Maharishi Aazaad is The First Megastar Of India. 

Military School Student, Sanskrit Shiromani, Sanskrit Kalanidhi, Sanskrit Mahanayak and The Ultimate Megastar of World Maharishi Aazaad Is Protecting, Projecting, Promoting, Rejuvenating the Divine Language Sanskrit along with Ancient Literature, Culture of the World through cinematic creation.

The Megastar Of World Maharishi Aazaad Is Spreading Indianism & Indian Culture worldwide.


Maharishi Aazaad The Ultimate Megastar of World is the only person in the world who is spreading Sanskrit worldwide.  

Maharishi Aazaad Made The Biggest Film Of India Sanskrit Movie Aham Brahmasmi.

Maharishi Aazaad Is The Warrior Of Sanskrit.

Maharishi Aazaad Gave New Life To Sanskrit.

Sanskrit Mahanayak Maharishi Aazaad Says Sanskrit Is Not A 
Language, It Is The Soul Of The World.

The Ultimate Megastar Of The World Maharishi Aazaad is the only filmmaker in the World who is making movies in multiple languages in the world with a noble purpose to unite the whole world through Art, culture, literature & cinematic creation with his cinematic talent.

The Ultimate Megastar Of The World Maharishi Aazaad created his First Movie as a Writer, Director & Actor based On Life & Thoughts of greatest revolutionary of India Chandrashekhar Azad, Film RASHTRAPUTRA, which screened at Biggest Film Festival of the world 72nd Cannes film festival, France and earned applause from the Audience.


Maharishi Aazaad Made First Mainstream Sanskrit film of the world AHAM BRAhHMASMI, to bring and spread the Brahmavakya of the Vedas to every corner of the world.


Maharishi Aazaad made Latin Movie EGO DOMINUS, Greek Movie EIMAI O THEOS & Tamil Movie MAHANAYAKAN to rejuvenate the ancient language of the World.

Maharishi Aazaad The Ultimate Megastar Of The World is one of the Asian filmmakers after Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, to represent Asia on an international platform with his English Movie THE GREAT PATRIOT. Student of a military school, Maharishi Aazaad has presented THE GREAT PATRIOT as an artistic and cinematic gift to the enlightened and civilized society of the world.

Nationalist  Film-maker 

 Director   Actor

Music Composer    Singer 

Philosopher MEGASTAR

Sanskrit Kalanidhi

        Sanskrit Shiromani


Maharishi Aazaad says, 'Mother and Motherland are Superior to heaven.'

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